Training !!

Industrial Training for 6 months and Six Weeks

Industrial training means experiencing something more than theory. We are an IT based company, working since last 6-8 years in this industry of economic informative technologies.

BIZZ Digital Solutions is just not an IT based company but we also provide training to our candidates. Training of various fields like digital marketing, PHP, Mobile Applications, JAVA etc, with a view to spreading knowledge to all the candidates. Students / Candidates could be of any field, that means BBA, B.COM, MBA, MCOM, BCA, MCA and many others as well. This training could be around 6 weeks or 6 months.

To just develop every application we are needing for a platform which we call as programming these days. From the Software developers use the different types of the programming languages to also develop a good software or some application. Training is very important because the word training itself says working for what you have learned practically.

Many new as well as high-level languages are implemented and available for the development purposes. Programmers use these such set of the instruction to make a good program and programs combine it to make an application.

Some of the programming languages that are used in developing are as follows:-


• Mobile Applications


• Android Applications

• Oracle 9i/10g

The students who are studying in the field of IT must have a huge knowledge or a specialization in any of these languages to grow well in the future. The basic knowledge about these and some type of practical knowledge that helps the student, of course, to get placed in a very good company. Under the graduation time in the mean period, all the colleges give at least, 6 weeks industrial training in Chandigarh where it is obviously available or the training to get a complete overlook and practical knowledge and also to improve better skills for themselves.

The main task for students is when their training period elongates to 6 months that means six months industrial training in Chandigarh to search out the best company which easily can make them the experts in one of the most interesting field. Every industry just needs a high communication skills that along with better practical knowledge and also a student who has to complete the practical and also some good field knowledge can then easily fulfill their requirements. We always had designed the training program by firmly understanding the standard needs of such big industries. So, you all candidates can contact us to meet our best professionals and get a great placement in the most famous industries.