6 Weeks Industrial Training

6 Weeks Industrial Training !!

45 Days Training in Tricity of IT Industry

Bizz Digital Solutions is a Chandigarh based Industrial training providing company which is serving almost a decade in IT INDUSTRY. Working as a web app development company we always have been providing industrial training to students of different parts of our country either they are doing bachelors or masters or just want to learn. Yes, it is a 6 weeks training procedure heading few facts that you students must always have knowledge about:

• if the company is an IT-based web app development company or not? Because if it is not then you will regret after 45 days that you wasted your time and money as well.

• If the company is telling you that they will provide you by live project training, it should be into web development so that you can show to your respective employer when you finally start attending interviews for your dream job.

• The most important thing is to know that if the company is going to put you into the live project of the web app development department.

• And the last but not the least is what is the project that the company is heading to give you and how it would be helpful for you to learn the new technologies.

Bizz Digital Solutions will provide you with an opportunity where you would be able to work under the most experienced and one of our best trainers of web app development, under the guidance of the project managers. And we are happy to tell you all that “personality development” has always been complementary for the students, which is a basic need in this industry.

Simply this training includes both classroom innovation training and once you learn the language and database, you will put on the project. Our core focus is always to make our students well verse with the different cycles of the Web App Development and also to provide them with a hand on experience on the basics of LIVE PROJECTS. And one more thing is that our “excellent performers” will be recognized in the company.

We provide this 45 days training of-

1. PHP Training
2. WEB Development
3. Ecommerce Development
4. INTERNET/Digital Marketing
5. WEB Designing